June Twenty-Sixth, Two-Thousand and Eight

Today, my sweet young readers, I am post-posting to you from New Hampshire. Its humid and boring here, not to many stylish individuals. I'm going to be here till the 5th, when I traverse to NY, which will hopefully bring a bounty of pictures.
But these are from my last day in sweet SF

I love this girl's jacket. The sleeve and length of the jacket is absolutly perfect. Her hair is also really pretty.

I love this style of jacket, I'm usually strictly against anything army surplus save this style of jacket, those boyscout style button downs and the boots. No cameo ever, please. She looks so warm and comfortable on such a SF summer's day. Her scarf matches her eyes so well.

Do I even need to make any commentary here? Matching, my friends, is always good. I don't care if it looks like you are Trying, why did Trying become such a bad thing?