June Twenty-Sixth, Two-Thousand and Eight

Today, my sweet young readers, I am post-posting to you from New Hampshire. Its humid and boring here, not to many stylish individuals. I'm going to be here till the 5th, when I traverse to NY, which will hopefully bring a bounty of pictures.
But these are from my last day in sweet SF

I love this girl's jacket. The sleeve and length of the jacket is absolutly perfect. Her hair is also really pretty.

I love this style of jacket, I'm usually strictly against anything army surplus save this style of jacket, those boyscout style button downs and the boots. No cameo ever, please. She looks so warm and comfortable on such a SF summer's day. Her scarf matches her eyes so well.

Do I even need to make any commentary here? Matching, my friends, is always good. I don't care if it looks like you are Trying, why did Trying become such a bad thing?


June Twenty-Fourth, Two Thousand and Eight

Finally. I felt like I had writer's block, but it was just that people have been boring to me. Maybe its the weather, people are just confused and don't know what to wear.

This girl's hoodie instantly caught my eye. She said her friend did the applique. I love the whole mild jungle theme she has going on. The bag, the hoodie and the necklace. Hers shoes are great too.

I love this jacket, the shape is just perfect. Such class.

I'm going to be in NY soonish, hopefully I'll get a shit-ton of people. Any recommendations of stuff to do?



for the lack of pictures. People in this city are so uninspiring sometimes. So many platform flip flops. ugh.
Sometimes I'm really tempted to take pictures of ugly outfits. But that is too easy in a city like this.


June Nineteenth, Two-Thousand and Eight

Love this. Whoever Dracula is, they always come creative!

Straight up Safeway. I love pretty much everything about this fellow. He's clearly feeling the weather just as much as I am.

This little strappy number he had on, Amazing! I have no idea what the real purpose of this could possibly be.

His friend is also named Megan! I love her little belt and the pleated skirt.

I'm usually not one to be lured in by matchy bike.. But this girl just looked so perfectly co-ordinated with it. She reminded me of Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes somehow, with Bart Simpson's lucky red cap on. She's cool.

I'm sorry to post so many non-fashion pictures, but this is so fucking ridiculous I just had to share. These shitty weird pipes were all over Safeway, all duct taped together and creepy. Very Brazil, the movie, not the country.

June Eighteenth, Two-Thousand and Eight

Today was a slow day, mostly because I worked, rode my bike (I can't take pictures when I have my bike), and I've been consumed by finding roommates.

I love that this girl is actually wearing this. I always see amazing colorful mu mu things like this, but don't have the courage to actually wear them. Its incredible. She spread her arms at first, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera. I also love her hair. I have tried so many times to bleach out my hair to that white, with no success.


June Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Eight

I always wonder how FaceHunter gets people to pose so posey for his pictures. Does he ask them? I can't imagine asking a complete stranger to poise gracefully on top of a fire hydrant or on a cute little stoop. "Hi, you don't know me, but can you frolic for me?" Maybe he just tells them who he is and they'll eat out of his hand. I would.

But. New theory. This guy was totally French and he gave me this great little leg cross pose. Maybe Americans are just awkward and have no sense of poise. I'm sure this theory would have many fans. Regardless, this guy's look just screamed at me from across the street. I think its the gold scarf/vest/suspenders/hat combo. Love it. Close up he was basically a French gypsy with all sorts of earrings.

Effortless Beauty. Love the shirt unbuttoned with the delicate necklaces, so sexy.

Can't you totally see these pants being sold for like 600$ by Heatherette or some such label? I would wear them so quick, yet you know these pants are this guy's life journey in pant form.


June Sixteenth Two-Thousand and Eight

Oh my god. This gentleman was such a good sport. I basically made him spill his soda and he was so sweet about it. I felt awful, I should have offered to buy him another, or at least give him a couple bucks. When I take these pictures I am in permanent flustered mode. I love his coat so much, this is a great, sophisticated look for men. It just fit him so well. I also love his shoes that have a very cowboy boot shape without being campy.

This girl's lip color is so great. I love jeans that have seams down the middle like this. Her sweet frames are just the icing on the cake.

This is a great floral for men on this guys shirt. More good florals for men! I demand it.


June Fifteenth Two-Thousand and Eight

A while ago I read some street fashion blogger write about how it was bad form to ask people for pictures on public transportation. I have mixed feelings about that advice. It was slightly awkward after this picture, and this picture does NOT do this girl justice at all. BUT look at her brooch!! And she was wearing a secretary top with the little tie under another top, or maybe she was just wearing a loose bow around her neck. Her jeans were great vintage jeans too. I contemplated getting off at the same stop as her to get a better picture, but I didn't want to creep her out anymore.

So many details, I wish I had gotten two seperate pictures of these two. They told me it was the fifth time they had been stopped by a street fashion blogger, but not in SF. No surprise there.

What really attracted me to these two wasn't the sleeping bags. Surprise! It was this great little feather on ties thingy, straight off the runways of Ann Demeulemeester. Although I'm fairly certain these boys have never heard of her. Love it.

This guys pants. Life changing. His body shape is thrown way out of proportion by a single extremely well designed garment.

I love socks with sandals.

This girl is perfect. Gauzy top, pretty face, funny shoes. Beautiful.


June Fourteenth Two-Thousand and Eight

I'm such a sucker for a good matchy-matchy. Not only is this guy matching his shoelaces insanely perfectly to his shoes, but he's matching with his adorable little yorkie! Love it. His jacket was cool too, it said NY and SF on either side. I'm going to guess he got it at his work, Huf..?

I attacked this girl as she was working on Hayes today. She didn't seem so pleased about it, I probably shouldn't harass employees? Her cute little skirt caught my eye from across the street, she was wearing a yellow cardigan with the outfit when I first saw her. The skirt is super expensive from her work by Opening Ceremony. But a girl can dream. It was actually made of embroidered burlap!

This fellow said he was on his way to work, which I can only imagine was as a waiter as it was well after 5pm and he's all in black. I just love the sleek, all black look he has going on. Very smart. Great jacket for men, love the double breasted look.

Okay. I just had to include this shirt. I saw a gentleman wearing this shirt on Haight and Fillmore the other day, and he didn't want his picture taken. I was so disappointed, because he looked so killer in the shirt. But here is the shirt, on sale on some random "street-wear" store on Market. You know the kind. I like it, despite what it is.


June twelfth, Two-Thousand and Eight

I think I just took this girl's picture because she looked so comfortable on a hot day. I need a dress like this. Cotton, comfortable modern no frills. I love how it has two of my favorite style details, pinstripes and a painterly effect. I also love the neckline.

First I noticed this girl's pants, I really like the length and that kind of bloomer-y look. Very Oliver Twist. But THEN i saw her bag. AMAZING. She painted it herself! So creative and fun, it's teeth! I seriously want one. Playful, colorful accessories are the best. Its all about having a very cute, simple outfit, with a funny but not tacky accessory.

Spy-status. She was on the phone! I cannot interupt people on their stupid cell-phones. Its very frustrating, the best dressed people-always on the phone. But I love her hat. I own a hat like this but not as nice. My friends make fun of me. They don't know. This girl knows.

His name was Chewy! Like Chewbacca!


June Eleventh Two-Thousand and Eight

I love everything about this girl! skateboard, jacket, haircut. A+


June Tenth Two Thousand and Eight

I love this girl's proportions with the skinny jean and big old boots. This girl is so S.F. but not in the typical ways at all. Only the good ways.


June Ninth Two-Thousand and Eight

It was so hard to get a shot of this beautiful girl without 50 crackheads in the background/foreground. Sweet, sweet Civic Center. I really love her belt, actually. Even though her shirt is beautiful and the pant is perfect, the belt really polishes the whole look. She had a beautiful ring too, that you can just barely make out in the photo.

This skirt is so beautiful, I love what she has done with the whole outfit. I rarely wear T-shirts or skirts, but this look makes me want to wear both. The print is just really lovely. I love her invisible hands too! So so cute.

Great little tooth necklace. Something interesting but easy to wear everyday.

I love the slightly chicken-wire print on this girl's dress. This dress could easily be very dressy, I love silk dresses worn casually. Of course her little tennies are adorable as well.

This girl's necklace is so killer, its very DIY, in the good way. Her whole look is so unique. I ran into her on my way to work today, so don't be surprised if you see her again grace my pages.

Sorry to bore you again with a car, but it's Tin Tin!! I was deprived of popular culture as a child, so I got Tin Tin instead. I swear I don't care about cars, but these beauties keep showing up!

So again, no men. I see a lot of stylish men around the city, but none inspiring me enough to take their picture. Please provide me with feedback. Do you want more men? I could do it, but I promise it'd be mostly boring. I'll try harder to find some stunners, I promise, but don't think I'm not!


My sister

My sister has been a huge, gigantic influence on my stye. She is the one who introduced me to thrift store shopping when I was 13 or 14, and she was the first female in my life to assure me that being obsessed with clothing was more than okay. If it weren't for her influence in my life, I'd probably be a plumber or something weird.
She has also graced the pages of


June Sixth Two-Thousand and Eight

I don't really care about cars much, but this car is pure street fashion! The color is amazing. This is what my bike would look like if it was a car.

I love this girl's colors. Her sweater had these great little rosettes all over it, on the elbows. I only saw them after she walked away.

This is her friend, cute little white dress. What really caught my eye about these girls were their necklaces.

They were both wearing this necklace. Turns out they're designers and have a shoe and jewelery company out of Japan! Their website didn't work so hot for me, but check it out:

This guy, Crockett, was selling his neat, tiny little paintings on Hayes street. I asked if I could take his picture, and he was like "You want it in the van?" I had no knowledge of a van. But now I do, Crockett and his girlfriend are based in SF, but drive around recording music, making art and living out of this amazing little renovated van. So amazing. Check out their site, Apparently their blog has been assassinated, but the video that loads is the cutest thing alive.

These are the paintings. cute.

I hunted this guy down for an embarrassing number of blocks. I finally caught up to him got his picture on the traffic median. His look is basic, but the sparkly sneakers and weird T-shirt set it off. I didn't notice till right now that the guy on his shirt is wearing two different shoes.

Neat shoes.

This girl is so festive! I need more colorful purses. She was chewing on a toothpick, which I adore.

Life-changing sunglasses that she said she got at General 54 a boutique in Montreal. So if you're in Canada anytime soon you could score some amazing stuff.

This girl's look is so clean and effortlessly put together. I think its the stripes and straw-ish hat that caught my eye.

I saw this middle-aged woman near civic center today that was wearing what I perceived to be a really chic, neutral colored layered look. Very Lilith. I approached her and said "Excuse me..." in my tiny little nice girl voice that I use when harassing strangers on the street. She gave me the most terrified and aghast look ever! It was then I realized she was not chic, but crazy! This is the danger of the whole area of market between Franklin and Powell. So many people wearing great, interesting outfits, but they're all just crazy!! Some brave individual could do a whole street fashion blog just on these people. I avoid them, great looks, but not worth the spittle.