June twelfth, Two-Thousand and Eight

I think I just took this girl's picture because she looked so comfortable on a hot day. I need a dress like this. Cotton, comfortable modern no frills. I love how it has two of my favorite style details, pinstripes and a painterly effect. I also love the neckline.

First I noticed this girl's pants, I really like the length and that kind of bloomer-y look. Very Oliver Twist. But THEN i saw her bag. AMAZING. She painted it herself! So creative and fun, it's teeth! I seriously want one. Playful, colorful accessories are the best. Its all about having a very cute, simple outfit, with a funny but not tacky accessory.

Spy-status. She was on the phone! I cannot interupt people on their stupid cell-phones. Its very frustrating, the best dressed people-always on the phone. But I love her hat. I own a hat like this but not as nice. My friends make fun of me. They don't know. This girl knows.

His name was Chewy! Like Chewbacca!