June Fifth Two-Thousand and Eight

This girl is cute as a button. I love the turban on her. To me is such chic thing that is near impossible for about 99.6% of the population to pull off.

This girl pulls off the vintage look so authentically. She looks so natural and fresh an outfit that could easily look dated.

This girl has a really great blazer/sunglasses combo, but I'm more concerned with the fact that she has legs to die for!

I was really attracted to this girls torn stockings and colorful top. She has pattern-making equipment in her bag, I didn't realize before she told me that I was right outside of fidm. Maybe I should lurk outside that school more. Would that be cheating? (edit: This is NOT me. There has been some confusion. Yes, she looks like me. My best and oldest friend thought this was me. Its not. She's cute. But I would never wear that. Thank you.)

This girl is so put together, I love her top and necklace combo. Her braids had little gold details that matched so perfectly.

Her bag matched her hair perfectly. I love a pixie haircut on a petite girl like this, its so chic. Its really washed out in the picture, but her jacket had a perfectly matching plaid print on it. I love matchy-matchy when done well.

This guy is kinda my favorite. When I was walking downtown, I was searching for guys. The pickings down there are pretty slim. Most guys are either tourists, Ambercrobie types, or Hot Topic/Urban Outfitters status hipsters. This guy is so legit with his vintage Cal t-shirt and vintage haircut. I couldn't get a whole body shot, he told me "Make it quick, I have to go to Walgreens"