June Seventeenth, Two Thousand and Eight

I always wonder how FaceHunter gets people to pose so posey for his pictures. Does he ask them? I can't imagine asking a complete stranger to poise gracefully on top of a fire hydrant or on a cute little stoop. "Hi, you don't know me, but can you frolic for me?" Maybe he just tells them who he is and they'll eat out of his hand. I would.

But. New theory. This guy was totally French and he gave me this great little leg cross pose. Maybe Americans are just awkward and have no sense of poise. I'm sure this theory would have many fans. Regardless, this guy's look just screamed at me from across the street. I think its the gold scarf/vest/suspenders/hat combo. Love it. Close up he was basically a French gypsy with all sorts of earrings.

Effortless Beauty. Love the shirt unbuttoned with the delicate necklaces, so sexy.

Can't you totally see these pants being sold for like 600$ by Heatherette or some such label? I would wear them so quick, yet you know these pants are this guy's life journey in pant form.