May Thirtieth Two-Thousand and Eight

Both this girl and the girl below were shocked that I wanted to take their picture! I love how this girl's shirt is sorta tucked in and I love how she has it buttoned up all the way. So rare to find a girl who buttons her shirt up all the way, it's much more interesting and classy.

This sweater is so cozy and huge and the color is so perfect on her. I love her zipper jeans unzipped over her boots.

So sharp. Sharp as a pin.

This weather is getting me down! Whats the deal, its nearly June and I'm wearing a sweater and a jacket. So sad, I want to wear shorts!!! But we all know what Mark Twain said about our sweet SF summers...


May Twenty Ninth Two-Thousand and Eight

I couldn't resist how well she matched the Marc by Marc Jacobs store. I love grey shoes and little jacket. Very simple but extremely well put together.

This woman was shocked that I wanted to take her picture, she thought she looked awful. I had to snap her picture really quickly, as her bus was right next to me. I wish I was brave enough to wear the sweatpant/boot combo going on here, its so neat looking. I also wish I could pull off strong lipstick.

Another Gimmie employee! I want a pair of pants like that so bad.

The colors in her bag and shirt are very dynamic together, and I love her organic-styled necklace.

This fellow wasn't so into me taking his picture, I think that's why I seem to be avoiding guys. This is the perfect men's sweater. I wish more guys would wear sweaters.

This kid thought that the MUNI was his personal play structure. Note the HUGE band-aid on his face, this kid is clearly perpetually crusin' for a brusin'


May Twenty Eighth Two Thousand and Eight

I love this girl's proportions. The over-sized look really suits petite frame when done right. She was on her way to Venus Superstar.

The colors in this girl's top really caught the corner of my eye as I passed her. I love the pose in front of the neon sign. She's wearing a neat feather necklace. Turns out she's a friend of my friend who's friend makes the necklaces. Does that make sense?

I saw this kid a few times and was debating whither I could have a picture of a drug rug on Fit To Be Tied. What can I say? The right colors get me every time.

Love. The. Pants. And of course she wasn't American.

Rico, your hair is amazing. As are your magical little talismans. This is a great shirt for men, long and skinny, wish more guys would try this out. Check out Rico's website to download his play list

You can't see that well in the picture, but this beautiful British girl has real money sewn to the front of her shirt. Her hair was so perfect. Pompadour in the front, and asymmetrical fade in the back.

Another beautiful Brit, although this pic is not the most flattering. I need to learn to take multiples.



I tried to sell these dresses at Pins and Needles AND Venus Superstar and both times it was a no go. I think they're cute. I think the issue is that they're tiny. But now they're a bargain!
Check out my meager offerings at etsy

May Twenty Seventh Two Thousand and Eight.

This lovely girl has the red white and blue look down pat. I love the sailor pants, the bangs, and the little red shoe. Nautical without being obvious.

This is my favorite picture of the day. I saw this girl across the street, so I anxiously waited for the traffic to desist, so I could cross the street. She was almost getting away! She crossed the street just as I did, and I quickly turned around to catch up to her. I love the color of her tights contrasted with the colors in her dress. Which she created! Her name is Jenny, email her to buy her dresses at

Carmen looks so tough, when she turned out to be shy, it made me blush. Another perfect red white and blue look. Wish I had gotten a picture of the necklace. Also wish I could afford to shop at Gimmie Shoes.

Another designer! This girl said that she wasn't so comfortable having her picture taken, so I said I could cut off her face, now that I look back, I should have just made her more comfortable, because she had an amazing asymmetrical haircut. You can check out her designs at They are organic, sustainable and beautiful. I would love to work or intern for a designer like Savannah.

Patrick said I flattered him when I stopped him for a picture. Please! Patrick, your outfit is impeccable, down to the toe. I wish I had one pair of pants that fit me that well. I love this polished look for men, its so rare to find in this city.

A Fresh Start

The other day, a stranger stopped me on the street to harass me with extreme flattery! She wanted to take my picture for her fashion blog. Hey. I want one of those fashion blogs...check me out

More to come.