June Fourteenth Two-Thousand and Eight

I'm such a sucker for a good matchy-matchy. Not only is this guy matching his shoelaces insanely perfectly to his shoes, but he's matching with his adorable little yorkie! Love it. His jacket was cool too, it said NY and SF on either side. I'm going to guess he got it at his work, Huf..?

I attacked this girl as she was working on Hayes today. She didn't seem so pleased about it, I probably shouldn't harass employees? Her cute little skirt caught my eye from across the street, she was wearing a yellow cardigan with the outfit when I first saw her. The skirt is super expensive from her work by Opening Ceremony. But a girl can dream. It was actually made of embroidered burlap!

This fellow said he was on his way to work, which I can only imagine was as a waiter as it was well after 5pm and he's all in black. I just love the sleek, all black look he has going on. Very smart. Great jacket for men, love the double breasted look.

Okay. I just had to include this shirt. I saw a gentleman wearing this shirt on Haight and Fillmore the other day, and he didn't want his picture taken. I was so disappointed, because he looked so killer in the shirt. But here is the shirt, on sale on some random "street-wear" store on Market. You know the kind. I like it, despite what it is.