September Twenty-Fifth, Two-Thousand and Eight

This is such a beautiful dress. So old fashioned, with a perfect, graceful fit. It had beautiful fabric covered buttons down the back. This woman was in Hayes Valley and I love the mystery of the dress: was three hundred dollars in a boutique or much much less in a vintage shop?

I was hard up for pictures, when I saw these two kind of hipstery girls. I was having one of those moments where I could not decide wither to take their picture or not. I finally resigned myself to taking the picture of people who were cute, yes but not unique. As I was walking back to them, I saw this gem of a fellow. Pretty much everything, but mostly the embroidered vest and the rings.

This is in Berkeley, and this girl stood out a lot among the flip flops, jeans and sweatshirt crowd. Great glasses too.


September Nineteenth, Two-Thousand and Eight

This guy reminds me of Harold so much. His suit fits him so well, he said he just likes dressing up sometimes. Nice.

She looks so cute, I love the slouchy tank and over sized sweater. Grey looks great on blondes, always.

I love butt-flaps.

Goth done well is so killer.

Her great trench had a gold sheen to it. She also had a really interesting scarf on.

Love this silhouette. She had the little faux suspenders hanging down in the back too, something that I really like, despite myself.

September Fifth, Two-Thousand and Eight

These two are so so cute. Such city kids. I love her long hair, unfortunatly its covering up an amazing Harold and Maude shirt. I'm also a sucker for freckles.

I love her shoes. Her whole look so so crisp. Very smart.

I realize these pictures are from days and days ago. I'm trying my best here, and my best right now isn't that great.