June Fifteenth Two-Thousand and Eight

A while ago I read some street fashion blogger write about how it was bad form to ask people for pictures on public transportation. I have mixed feelings about that advice. It was slightly awkward after this picture, and this picture does NOT do this girl justice at all. BUT look at her brooch!! And she was wearing a secretary top with the little tie under another top, or maybe she was just wearing a loose bow around her neck. Her jeans were great vintage jeans too. I contemplated getting off at the same stop as her to get a better picture, but I didn't want to creep her out anymore.

So many details, I wish I had gotten two seperate pictures of these two. They told me it was the fifth time they had been stopped by a street fashion blogger, but not in SF. No surprise there.

What really attracted me to these two wasn't the sleeping bags. Surprise! It was this great little feather on ties thingy, straight off the runways of Ann Demeulemeester. Although I'm fairly certain these boys have never heard of her. Love it.

This guys pants. Life changing. His body shape is thrown way out of proportion by a single extremely well designed garment.

I love socks with sandals.

This girl is perfect. Gauzy top, pretty face, funny shoes. Beautiful.