Thoughts on NY

So I was in NY for about five days with my little brother and took ONE picture. Why wasn't I snapping hundreds of pictures like I thought I would? Mainly because me and the brother were running around trying to do tourist things, but also because everyone in NY dresses SO fashionably, I was super overwhelmed, and admittedly intimidated by many of the people I saw. Who were also inevitably on headphones or cellphones. What I really want to do now, is go to NY JUST to take pictures for my blog, and nothing else. I would have gotten no where with my brother, stopping every Tom Dick and Harry on the street. Seriously though, people dress so overwhelmingly better over there it makes my job of finding the ONE person out of 20 in SF who is cute much harder. It is a different hunt over there.

This is the one picture I took. And yes, she was as seemingly displeased with me stopping her as she looks. After that awkward exchange I was even further put off.

People in NY are so very friendly, don't get me wrong. People say sorry to me as they walk past. Literally. But everyone is very much in their own bubble as they go place to place. People in SF are 90% of the time extremely flattered when I stop them for a picture. New Yorkers seemed like they would be more confused and inconvenienced.
So thats my New York experience. I am going back and I am going to try MUCH harder next time. I deeply regret not taking more pictures, because I saw some pretty great examples of style. My favorite was a young guy I saw on the subway, who had ripped the collar off a basic white button-down, rendering it modern, casual and summery.