July Twelfth, Two-Thousand and Eight

I've told myself a million times, if I see another gladiator sandal...But, I secretly bought a less buckle-y pair myself and it seems that they are not to be escaped from. What I really love about this girl is that she is perhaps unknowingly, wearing them with the colorful floral that Nicolas Ghesquiere originally mixed with this harsh styled shoe. I also am way into her intense eye make up. You can't really tell, but her dress has a drawstring bottom, I love anything with a drawstring, its an easy way to make something more interesting.

How cute is she? Love the sandals, I think my mom had a pair, and I'm always looking for them in my size. I also love this stripey shirt on her, great colors to bring out her amazing hair color.
P.S. See my new Sound of Music hat on her left.

I love what a beach bum this girl looks like. The cute little ratty sneakers are the final touch. She's a L.A. mermaid.