May Twelveth, Two-Thousand and Nine

This guy has no idea of how cute he is! I usually am not a fan of jewelery on guys, but I love how he has matching silver rings on both his hands. I also love the stripe/plaid combo. Its so hard for me to take pictures of guys! I was blushing like crazy when I stopped this one. The guys are always more skeptical and less instantly flattered than the girls are. "Wait, what is this for?" "You're not going to make fun of me....are you?" NO! You're adorable! I really really like how he's wearing a shirt over a sweater, never tried that before.

The shoes. The shoes. I told her I loved her shoes and (so cute) she said "Me too!! I've been looking for them forever!" I also am in love with a current pair of boots I have that I've been looking for forever. We all know how that goes, its such a great concept. Chasing after a specific item that we have in our head...like a boy or a girlfriend. And when we finally find that magical, perfect boot, its so exiting, kind of like falling in love, but without the possibility of heartbreak.

This girl was so friendly and sweet it was out of control. I love her little jacket over the lace top. I love when girls wear little white socks with flats like this. I can't quite do it myself, but its killer on her. Her hair is beau-ti-ful! She was so friendly, I hope she looks at this and loves my blog. She told me there aren't any good fashion blogs for SF. Here I am!!!

God I love this girl, she's kind of like the perfect boot I've been looking for, but cuter. This beautiful girl has graced my blog before...Brisa. I've broken my own rule of not posting my friends, but that rule no longer exists! Read: Friends!! Dress cute! You'll be on the WWW!!! Brisa is my soulmate, the little sister and best friend I've been missing. Her art is beautiful, unique, inspiring and for sale!!!