May Seventh, Two-Thousand and Nine

This is ideal street fashion. I love living in San Francisco. These kids are always out here, dancing and making hella money doing it! I feel like there's always dancing in the street at powell and market.
His hair is unlike I have ever seen. He looks like a classic dancer in the second shot. I'm surprised my awful camera was able to capture him so well.

This girl. I believe she was French, but I'm awful at that sort of thing. I think she just comes from someplace magical. I love girls in hats, I need to be that girl more. She was a fellow fashion blogger, check for her site!!

Love denim shorts with tights. Always, all the time. Also love T-straps all the time. I wish I needed glasses sometimes.

Still wishing I wore glasses. And could rock super short hair. This is kind of cheating because I know this amazing babe, but I hadn't seen her in years and stopped her on the street!