August First, Two-Thousand and Eight

I love this girl. She is so effortlessly chic. So many great details, to the ever-popular cuffed trouser to the interesting top. She's so tall and modelesque.

This girl struck this pose like- bam. I love the matching shoes and bag. The sunglasses are so fun.

This guy was sitting on a street bench, penning a beautiful poem or story no doubt. His hat was sitting next to him on the bench, I asked him to put it on. Such a beautiful man, beautiful hat. So hard to pull off this gramps thrift store jacket, and he does it perfectly.

Such a pretty outfit, I love the denim motorcycle jacket. She has great rock'n'roll hair.

Street fashion as slow food. There is an urban garden in front of city hall right now, I'm not sure how long its going to be there, but its really amazing. It is extremely beautiful and powerful as both a visual and a concept. I would love for the garden for be there forever. I am petitioning my landlord to be able to create an urban garden in my small plot of dirt near my house.