August Eighteenth, Two-Thousand and Eight

I've been such a bad blogger. Its been a rough couple of months for me, personally. But my non-personal excuse is that my work schedule changed so radically. I used to take pictures when I would walk to and from my retail job in Hayes Valley, but I've been working a ton in Berkeley. My least favorite city. Barting to Berkeley, apart from the sheer awfulness of the trek, does not impart very many opportunities for me to take pictures, compounded by the fact that I have my bike and I can't take people's pictures when I'm burdened by Old Pinky.
I'm going to try to be better, at a lot of things, this blog being the top of my short list.

I love this girl's haircut. I have been flirting with the idea of cutting all my long hair off. Her skirt has such great texture, and in the drabness of downtown, swamped by tourists these days, she stood out quite beautifully.

I see this adorable girl quite frequently, as I believe she works near me. She is always vintage chic, with her impeccable sleek hair. She told me she had cuter shoes on earlier, but it was the amazing silhouette of the huge boots that made me finally stop her for a picture.