May Twenty Ninth Two-Thousand and Eight

I couldn't resist how well she matched the Marc by Marc Jacobs store. I love grey shoes and little jacket. Very simple but extremely well put together.

This woman was shocked that I wanted to take her picture, she thought she looked awful. I had to snap her picture really quickly, as her bus was right next to me. I wish I was brave enough to wear the sweatpant/boot combo going on here, its so neat looking. I also wish I could pull off strong lipstick.

Another Gimmie employee! I want a pair of pants like that so bad.

The colors in her bag and shirt are very dynamic together, and I love her organic-styled necklace.

This fellow wasn't so into me taking his picture, I think that's why I seem to be avoiding guys. This is the perfect men's sweater. I wish more guys would wear sweaters.

This kid thought that the MUNI was his personal play structure. Note the HUGE band-aid on his face, this kid is clearly perpetually crusin' for a brusin'