May Sixteenth, Two-Thousand and Nine

These girls are awesome!! They were about 15, drinking Mickey's 40s in the shade at Delores Park. Pretty sure they were chillin behind the ever-present green storage bin to shield their 'hawks from the SF breeze.

So stunning. I was quite intimidated to take this girl's picture but she didn't miss a beat. Such a model! You don't see this type in SF much, all black, model-y. Despite her clearly stunning presence, it was really her shades that did it for me. I love sunglasses more than most things.

True street fashion. I'm not sure that this model needs a Squeem, but I'm sure it helps.

May Thirteenth, Two-Thousand and Nine

Loved this girl. She'z a fellow SFState fashion designer. She tried to recruit me and Brisa to be fashion models in her SF State show...noooo thanks. I'm not a fan at all of college fashion shows, in fact, I just dropped out of the SF City College show. To many 20 something fashiony girl egos. Can't deal. You know.
I love her outfit, my favorite part is the little denim collar that matches the skirt that kind of comes out of no-where. Love these boots too, what do you call that little fringe part? I want a pair I can clip on to all my shoes!!


May Twelveth, Two-Thousand and Nine

This guy has no idea of how cute he is! I usually am not a fan of jewelery on guys, but I love how he has matching silver rings on both his hands. I also love the stripe/plaid combo. Its so hard for me to take pictures of guys! I was blushing like crazy when I stopped this one. The guys are always more skeptical and less instantly flattered than the girls are. "Wait, what is this for?" "You're not going to make fun of me....are you?" NO! You're adorable! I really really like how he's wearing a shirt over a sweater, never tried that before.

The shoes. The shoes. I told her I loved her shoes and (so cute) she said "Me too!! I've been looking for them forever!" I also am in love with a current pair of boots I have that I've been looking for forever. We all know how that goes, its such a great concept. Chasing after a specific item that we have in our a boy or a girlfriend. And when we finally find that magical, perfect boot, its so exiting, kind of like falling in love, but without the possibility of heartbreak.

This girl was so friendly and sweet it was out of control. I love her little jacket over the lace top. I love when girls wear little white socks with flats like this. I can't quite do it myself, but its killer on her. Her hair is beau-ti-ful! She was so friendly, I hope she looks at this and loves my blog. She told me there aren't any good fashion blogs for SF. Here I am!!!

God I love this girl, she's kind of like the perfect boot I've been looking for, but cuter. This beautiful girl has graced my blog before...Brisa. I've broken my own rule of not posting my friends, but that rule no longer exists! Read: Friends!! Dress cute! You'll be on the WWW!!! Brisa is my soulmate, the little sister and best friend I've been missing. Her art is beautiful, unique, inspiring and for sale!!!

May Eighth, Two-Thousand and Nine

This girl is so hot. I want to be her! She was super distracted, I don't think she realized how glamorous she looked. This outfit has such a great sense of proportion. I love the oversize, easy T. The jacket she's wearing is so incredible, it has a sort of day of the dead, punkrock mariachi band feel. Very chic. I'm such a sucker for curly hair, pretty much always. Why is that, because my hair is so pin-straight? Probpossibly.


May Seventh, Two-Thousand and Nine

This is ideal street fashion. I love living in San Francisco. These kids are always out here, dancing and making hella money doing it! I feel like there's always dancing in the street at powell and market.
His hair is unlike I have ever seen. He looks like a classic dancer in the second shot. I'm surprised my awful camera was able to capture him so well.

This girl. I believe she was French, but I'm awful at that sort of thing. I think she just comes from someplace magical. I love girls in hats, I need to be that girl more. She was a fellow fashion blogger, check for her site!!

Love denim shorts with tights. Always, all the time. Also love T-straps all the time. I wish I needed glasses sometimes.

Still wishing I wore glasses. And could rock super short hair. This is kind of cheating because I know this amazing babe, but I hadn't seen her in years and stopped her on the street!


April 29th, Two-Thousand and Nine

I love that this guy is the first to get his photo taken for the fresh start of my new blog. He is pure SF all the way. Just what I want to be all about! He complimented my neon pink leggings first-"Nice Pants!" Thus solving the leggings as pants debate. Yes I was wearing a very large T-shirt, but this arbitur of fashion clearly deems legging pants. Done and done. Check the huge crystal and various knives.